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The Fit N’ Fierce classes were so great and really fun. They provided dumbbells for you to use during the class. The instructor explained how every step and workout we did focused on a certain part of the body. Since I’m a beginner she made every move and step easy to follow and was so cheerful and encouraging. I sincerely feel like the classes gave you a full body workout. They are way better than just using regular machines and trust me you feel the workout the whole time.
I took a Dance & Sculpt class with Leslie and fell in love with it! Leslie is not only beautiful with great energy but her class flow is amazing. I enjoyed the mix of workouts paired with dancing.
We didn’t do any ab focus workouts but my abs were on fire the next day, so to me, she incorporated a full body workout and made it so fun, I forgot I was working out.
Very well done! Will be back soon
Attended my first Barre class with Brandi and it was absolutely fantastic! Brandi's energy and expertise made the class enjoyable and challenging.
The studio itself has a welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend trying out a class here. Can't wait to go back for more.
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