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Program Testimonials

Fit and Fabulous with Maddy Owens Client Testimony Success Story

Luis A Malvacias

New York City, New York

"Over more than a year ago, I was feeling really down after 2 ½ weeks of dealing with covid symptoms. I was experiencing lots of fatigue, breathing problems, chest compression, and barely could walk a block without having to stop to catch my breath. These symptoms lasted for over a year, and during that period I visited several doctors including a Breath Specialist, who gave me asthma inhalators, and acid reflux medicines, none of which really worked. I have been a physically active person for most of my life, but having been sick brought my personal esteem down, and I also gained some extra weight. I didn’t feel like exercising on my own and a friend of mine recommended Maddy’s program Fit & Fabulous, a comprehensive well-being online program that includes changing positively your dietary habits, attention to your sleep, self-care, and physical activities, among others, designed to keep you motivated and well. This program has changed my life. I lost over 30 pounds, my breathing problems went away, I feel strong and fabulous, I sleep better, and my stress levels and mood had become more manageable. After I finished the program, I have maintained the eating habits I learned through the program, and it continues to be great for my body and brain. I also keep doing the daily exercises routines. I highly recommend this program. Maddy is knowledgeable, generous, and friendly, and that makes an experience that is already excellent as it is, even better. Thank you so much, Maddy."

Fit and Fabulous with Maddy Owens Client Testimony Success Story

Priscilla Marrero

Age 35 New York City, New York

"Want to know how Fit and Fabulous is? Well just like it’s titled, it’s FIT and you feel FABULOUS! I started the program during the pandemic because I knew I needed to change habits and let go of things that no longer served me. After participating in two challenges, I have lost 29 pounds and gained muscles, confidence, and compassion with myself that I havent felt in YEARS (and perhaps… never!). I feel so incredibly motivated, inspired, and passionate for my health. I love how the program is online and offers the possibility of working out in your home. I am excited to start the new year in this new place, and feel tremendous gratitude to Maddy for being with me in the journey full of joy, knowledge, and kindness. ¡Muchas gracias FIT and FABULOUS! 💜"

Fit and Fabulous with Maddy Owens Client Testimony Success Story

Deidra Williams

Age 32 Orlando, Florida

"The Fit and Fabulous in Four Months program is great. Not only did it improve my physical health, but also helped with my mental health. I've suffered from a condition that has lead me down the path of multiple surgeries, different medications, and a lot of pain and discomfort in my own skin. After my first two months, I was taken off my antibiotics that I relied on for the past 5 years. After three months, my infusions that I usually get every four weeks was changed to every six weeks with hopes of stopping it all together. My friends have even noticed clearer skin! Thanks to this program, I have learned to love my body again and am overall happy. Thanks Fit and Fabulous for an amazing journey that I look forward to continuing."

Fit and Fabulous with Maddy Owens Client Testimony Success Story

Debra Ellis

Age 63 Hollywood, Florida

"A friend of mine, introduced me to Maddy's program. I'm excited to say that I immediately called and signed up for the four months, Maddy was there the entire time. Every time I needed her, she would call and assist me. When I was about to give up, she encouraged me to hang in there. Since the beginning of the program I was faithful until the end, and enjoyed the entire food plans, exercises, and health sessions. I was able to walk 2 miles in 20-30 minutes when I used to take an hour. I could even jog for the first time in over 10 years. I'm happy to say that at the end of the program I lost 24 lbs. I feel healthier than ever, and will continue to eat healthy. I thank you Maddy, you changed my entire life. The doctors were amazed to see that all my blood work were awesome, blood pressure had great results, lungs and liver looked great. I thank you Maddy, I'm forever grateful."

Winning Along The Way

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